B.Thomas delivers his live shows with a 3-piece band that sounds like a full 6-7 piece band. With one acoustic guitar player, one electric guitar player and himself as a lead singer, they perform their shows using professional recorded backing tracks that are made as note-for - note reproduction of the original songs that B.Thomas do.

These tracks contains all the elements that are needed except the guitars that is played live by the guitar players. The tracks contains Bass, Drums, Piano, Steel guitar, fiddle, and some other elements, together with the live guitars, lead vocals and background vocals it sounds very close to the original versions.

B.Thomas and his band will do the best they can to make your event successful by delivering a high quality performance and live Garth Brooks show called  "Blame it all on Garth Brooks"

B.Thomas and his mates delivers their shows in the so called “hat act”, dressed in original Garth Brooks, special custom made concert shirts, boots, buckles and hats, this makes it all complete.

B.Thomas can play events all from small pub`s and bar`s, community houses, halls and outdoor arenas, no gig is to small and no gig is too big. If there are 10 people or 1000, it doesn`t matter at all, the show can be done in all sizes and on many venues. 

If you would like to book B.Thomas and his band to play for your event, click on the link "Contact". 


B.Thomas & Redneck Cowboys

B.Thomas - Lead vocals

Bjørn Nygård - Electric guitars / slide

Thor Arne Ramstad - Acoustic Guitar / background vocals, and lead vocals on some extra songs that we can put in between.

The electric guitar player, Bjørn Nygård from Narvik, is the only one left from the originally, and former live band, he has been with B.Thomas for years, working on music in the studio, even in the "retirement" period.

The Acoustic guitarplayer is Thor Arne Ramstad, from the city of Narvik. He is a singer, songwriter and former actor. He has played in many bands for many years. He have been with us since our comeback in 2019.

Every now and then, it may be possible to perform shows with a full live band, but it will be only for special events were it may be required to perform with the whole band. In such situations, we will bring in a drummer, a bass player, a keyboard player and a steel player. 

Crew / Stage Worker / Ticket sales (Moneyman):

Our long time friend and good helper Jan Fredrik Simonsen have been with B.Thomas for years, and is still working with us every now and then.

Marius Thomassen, is "the Rookie" who will be with us from time to time, and is to become our new helper, in all from "in door" ticket sales, stage worker and the sound engineers assistant. We`re hoping he can learn many things

Sound Engineer:

A sound engineer will be present, taking care of our sound.